nest of tables

 Hello little Blog – I’m back! by popular demand!

Well – perhaps not… several people have looked.. (thankyou nice people!) I’m sure my mum would look if she knew how. I told her I had a blog…she thinks it must be like an email cause she asked who I sent it to.

My mummy is sweet and delightful but not inclined towards anything technological.  Well – she now possesses a mobile phone. She carries her address book (the paper variety) around in her handbag to support the use of the mobile phone :o )

Anyhoo…. here is my new little project. Pleasingly it sold within half hour of me posting it online.




This little project should have been a simple one right? A daggy nanna-style nest of tables that graced the corner of all homes circa 1976.

Well – it WASN’T! It became my nemesis! Nasty, wicked nest of tables!



It started off OK. I just attacked it with a great hairy bit of sand paper and scratched the decades of Nanna’s Mr Sheen off it.

I could have stripped it properly – but that would require effort.                                         Which I vehemently resist where at all possible!





bang edges with sand paper…


awesome antiquing agent that I’ve had for ever…


slop it on…


wipe it off



Having not yet found a transfer method that works on painted surfaces, I first tried a stencil. It bled. I stripped the tops back again. Then I tried this look – It actually looks quite sweet in the pic, but it actually looked like I’d cut out bits of newspaper & stuck it on (which is sort of what I’d done). I stripped the tops back again.

Anyhow, after much grumbling and belt sanding this is what I ended up with.IMG_3548and it sold. So all good :o )

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