From old jeans to cute denim hat! …free pattern

Welcome to this weekend’s sewing project at the shed. Ever wondered what to do with those old jeans?? Here is a FREE pattern to turn them into this cute denim hat.

bella hat 2


For this project you will need:

  • Your pattern – you can get the kids size Here

PLEASE NOTE – these patterns have a 1cm seam allowance.

  • old pair of jeans to cut up
  • some pretty cotton fabric for trim
  • cup of coffee
  • chocolate (preferably a kit-kat)


Firstly, chop up your jeans. I cut along the plain seam edge of the leg like this


Cut your pattern pieces.

You will need 4 pieces of the rim  -  either 2 denim and 2 in your trim cotton fabric OR 4 pieces of denim


Cut trim band. Place right sides together. Pin and stitch.


Fold trim over and stitch to hold and neaten the edge.


Fold band in half, right sides together. Stitch end seam & zig zag it (unless you’re one of those lucky people with an overlocker)


Pin crown to band (the denim side, not the trim side). Stitch & zig zag.



Now it’s time for the brim. Sew ends together so you have two doughnut pieces. Place them right sides together. Stitch the outside edge.


Trim little ‘v’ shapes at intervals around the outside. (Careful not to cut into the stitching)


Turn  right sides out. Sew outer edge to hold and neaten rim.


Pin rim to crown. (If you are using a cotton trim for the under side of the rim, make sure you put the denim side against the denim crown) Stich, zig zag and trim.

IMG_2587 IMG_2589

Turn the seam you have just finished up into the crown of the hat. Pin it and secure it by sewing a neat seam at the lower edge of the trim.


Lovely! now try it on. Aww! you look lovely.


But wait – you’re not finished yet!

It’s time to add some ‘pretty’. Grab a piece of your trim fabric – a long rectangle. Fold it end to end and stitch a seam (right sides together)


Turn right side out and then fold in half lengthways. Stitch a gathering stitch where the outer edges meet.


Pull a single thread to gather it


Gather into a rosette. The raw edges will be at the centre of the rosette.IMG_2597

Cut a circle of left over denim. Place in centre of the rosette.


Stitch denim circle to rosette in a rough snail shape.


Stitch to the rim, place it to cover the seam.

Done! Easy Peasy!


Now – how about another one???










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