Crochet dolls – free pattern

It’s COLD and rainy & dismal August weather. Too cold to play in the shed & too wet to play in the garden. It hasn’t stopped raining! Noah floated past about a week ago…. So I pulled out my crochet hook and got playing. Was a bit inspired by the Lalaloopsy dolls. Hope you like these little girls!


I have used some general terms & presumed some knowledge…

  • Increase – crochet 2 stitches from the one stitch
  • Decrease – catch the wool through two stitches, then pull through three at once. Like this:IMG_2681
  • magic circle – I haven’t explained this. There are plenty of sites that give detailed instructions of this. Just google it :)

You will need:

  • 8ply wool – 3 colours
  • size 3 crochet hook
  • a wool needle for stitching her together
  • embroidery thread – I used dark brown
  • black beads for eyes
  • a cup of tea and a sticky bun. And something nice to watch on the telly while you’re working. I recommend Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version)

Head and dress

  1. begin with a magic circle of 5 stitches in white wool
  2. Increase on each stitch until there are 33 stitches in your circle
  3. Crochet 7 rows
  4. Reduce on each stitch until 9 stitches remain. This completes the head.
  5. change colour. You are beginning the dress
  6. Increase on each stitch for 1 row
  7. Crochet 7 rows, increasing on every 4th stitch
  8. Complete by adding a frill too your dress – crochet a chain of 3 and join at each stitch.

IMG_2567 - Copy


  1. Crochet a chain of 6 stitches
  2. Turn and work back along your chain. Crochet a chain of 3 and link back in to each stitches.
  3. Turn and repeat step 2, using a chain of 4 stitches. Join each chain at the centre stitch of the previous ’3 stich’ chain



  1. Crochet ‘magic circle’ of 5 stitches
  2. increase on each stitch until there are 12 stitches in your circle
  3. Crochet 4 rows
  4. reduce on each stitch until 6 stitches remain
  5. crochet until work measures 9cm



  1. Crochet ‘magic ring’ of 5 stitches
  2. crochet on these stitches until work measures 11cm



  1. Crochet a chain of 10 st.
  2. Turn and work back along these stitches 1 rowIMG_2697
  3. Crochet a chain of 15 st
  4. Turn and work back along these stitches 1 row
  5. repeat 3 times, making each chain 5 stitches longer than the last. (10st, 15st, 20st, 25st, 30st)
  6. Do this 4 times – to give you 4 separate ‘hair’ pieces


Putting it together

doll pieces

  1. Fill head with stuffing and seal with a darning stitch.
  2. Sew legs together at the top and stitch to the base of the head, under the dress.


3.  Sew either end of the ‘arm’ piece to either side of the dress


4.  Tie off the centre of the arm piece with several layers of wool the same colour as the dress

5.  Stitch the sleeve to the dress, around the top of each arm. You may need to gather it a bit as you stitch it

6.  Roll each hair piece, beginning at the end with the longest piece.


7.  Stitch each hair roll evenly across the top of the head.IMG_2698

8.  Stitch some of the curls down to keep them where you want them. Can add a ribbon (tie a bow & stitch it on) or make some rosettes as hair ties, to stitch on (You can make them the same way as the sleeve, but start with a magic circle instead of a chain)IMG_2703

9.  With your embroidery thread, stitch on the beads for eyes & a ‘V’ mouth. Finish off thread under the dress, so it’s hidden.


And you’re done! Cute, hey!

crochet dolls



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