coffee table redo

I picked up this little number on freecycle. It had been well loved!





I pulled the top off the base and did my clampy gluey thing…





While it dried I attacked the base.

A quick sand was all it got & then 3 coats of ceiling white (cos that’s what was sitting about in the shed)





Attack the edgey bits with sandpaper to distress it…





Then the antiquing ….

I have been on this bottle for ages & it still hasn’t run out. It’s lovely stuff!




You just paint it in the grooves roughly

(I used one of the kids’ paint brushes)








Wipe with a damp cloth



and you get this lovely aged look. I wacked a couple of coats of clear interior varnish over the top to seal it.



printed image


Now for the image transfer.                              This one is compliments of the graphics fairy (where else?!) I had been playing around with various transfer mediums & stumbled onto one that worked pretty well.


I have a long and eventful career as a ‘wanna-be’ image transferrer. I even came
close to blowing up my parlour by buying an electrical transfer tool online.

I tried the wax paper method (Here)…but it was a bit ‘Meh’.

I read online that photographers use alcohol for transferring images so I scrounged in my pantry one rainy afternoon with some scraps of wood & got playing. Here’s what I discovered…

Vodka. Yep. works a treat (although only on smooth porous timber…It didn’t work on rough timber & also didn’t work on timber finished with oil based paint.)

Anyhoo – I just stuck the image face down with sticky tape. Wiped over it LIGHTLY with cotton wool dipped in the vodka (just till the image showed through the reverse side of the paper) and then dabbed (banged) my way across the image with dry cotton wool.

printed topog


This is the result. Good, hey!

Although some bits were a bit smudgy where I’d been a bit generous with the vodka…





So I drew over it with a fine sharpie texta.         It made the lines clearer and hid the     smudgy-ness a bit.

In this pic I’d ‘sharpie’d’ it up to the ‘U’ in Legumes. You can see the difference it makes.






I finished the table top with 3 coats of this stuff.                It’s awesome and I use it heaps. It gives a really nice finish & it’s really durable. You don’t have to chase away people with cold drinks or coffee cups.



And here’s the end result… Was happy with this one.

coffee tabletable

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