Get the kids art off the fridge… free printable

look what I madee

Today was ‘experiment with wax paper transfer’ day. It looks so easy on other peoples blogs!

IMG_2721 - Copy





I was inspired by this delightful bit of fence paling :)



I chopped him up & got to with the wax paper on raw timber.

I actually haven’t got the foggiest idea what wax paper is…. I assume it’s greaseproof paper???

Anyhoo, I diligently cut a piece of greaseproof the size of an A4 page & stuck it to an A4 with double sided tape. I printed onto the shiny side, wacked it on the raw timber and rubbed with the bottom of a plastic spoon. The result was dismal. I didn’t even bother taking a piccy.

Decided that it would work much better on a white background, so attacked my boards with some paint left over from my folk art days.


Once it was dry I did my printy /transfer /spoon thing again.





This is the result. Less than brilliant!!


A more committed craftsman would have persisted with the printy thing, but in the words of Mrs Rachael Lynde… patience ceased to be a virtue.




Yay the sharpie!!!



I drew over the top with my friend sharpie.

Gave it a wack with the sandpaper to give it the ‘rustic’ look (as opposed to the ‘I just drew on this with a big black texta’ look). It worked!

It had a coat of varnish & while it was drying I scrounged a couple of pegs off the clothes line – the ones that had been there for a couple of years & had that ‘aged’ thing happening.

A spot of PVA, some eye hooks & twine & Bob’s your uncle.

Am quite pleased with the result if I do say so myself. I can now clear my fridge of the millions of pre-school works of art that are currently burying it alive.

look what I made2

Here’s the printable if you want to make one. Double click on it to open it & then right click, save as…

look what I madeIf you come up with a better way of transferring than the greaseproof & sharpie method…please let me know!!

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