beltsanding…an extreme sport

Good evening my little purple blog…(am re-thinking the purple, but anyhoo)

Today I hit a new record of bloginess. I got TWO comments – in foreign languages! Yay for me! now foreign people are trying to sell me stuff . And no the commends DIDN’T say ‘Ein Schonnen blog frauline rosy foxglove’

Am getting v good at hitting the ‘spam’ button.

On the upside I picked up a ‘free to good home’ old tv cabinet on the weekend. V brown and ugly but has muchy muchy potential. All solid timber. I couldn’t even sneak it into the shed while hubby wasn’t watching cos I needed him to help carry it… he maintained a disapproving silence as we shuffled it across the lawn to the shed.

Saturday I put on my oldest jeans and my redbacks & headed shed-ward. Decided it was the day to attack a little old cabinet that I scrounged out of a rubbish heap. v ugly. Had been painted white.

and green

and blue, and pink, cream and brown. Many layers!!!!

Had a lovely and delightful time bashing in apart with Mal (mallet) & scraping great multi-coloured layers of painty-ness off with my heat gun. Then had a crack with my fave beltsander.


Lovely happy day of shediness BUT I managed to poison myself!! OOps. That evening I had beltsander arms (insanely ouchy arms from 4 hours beltsanding) and splitting headache & nausea & general blah-ness. The only thing I can put it down to is the paint dust that was floating about. I DID wear a mask! I promise! But I took it off after I finished the sanding & think it was pretty dusty.

So the moral of the story is…. ummm… beltsanding is an extreme sport that should not be attempted by inexperienced people with scrawny ‘government employee’ arms.

or something profound and insightful…..

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